San Antonio Divorce Lawyers

Wilson Brown, PLLC, represents a variety of clients facing divorce. We understand the family and financial ramifications of divorce and work hard to protect your rights and ensure a fair division of property.

To schedule a consultation and discuss the specifics of your case — whatever your family situation and assets — please contact our San Antonio law office.

Dividing Financial Assets

We help clients manage and divide assets in a divorce:

  • Real estate
  • Businesses
  • Private practices
  • Retirement accountants
  • Pension plans
  • Military retirement benefits
  • Stocks
  • Other property

Texas is a community property state. Any property acquired during marriage is considered community property — or property that is jointly owned by spouses. Any property acquired before marriage is considered separate property.

Marriage Dissolution Services

No two divorces are alike. Relationships have unique dynamics. Marital assets and property vary. Children may or may not be involved. So no two divorce cases should be treated alike. At Wilson Brown, PLLC, we offer clients a wide range of marriage dissolution services tailored to meet each family’s unique needs:

  • Divorce
  • Child support
  • Child custody & visitation
  • Property division
  • Alimony / spousal support
  • Post-decree modifications
  • Collaborative law

In each client meeting, our attorneys get to know the unique needs and goals of each divorcing couple. Individuals looking for low-conflict divorce services benefit from collaborative law. Hotly contested divorces may require litigation to reach a resolution. Our client-focused family law practice addresses the specific needs of each client. Call 1-210-787-4637 for a consultation.

Uncontested Divorces

Many people fear that their divorces are going to be long, costly, and full of disagreement. While this certainly happens in some divorces, many couples are able to take another, less adversarial approach.

When spouses agree on all divorce-related legal matters — such as the division of assets and debts and child custody and visitation — the divorce is considered uncontested. In other words, the court need only sign off on the divorce because all topics have already been agreed upon.

We would far rather collaborate on a mediated agreement and save you money and time. At Wilson Brown, PLLC, we expediently guide clients through the the terms and process of an uncontested divorce. If you wish to speak to a San Antonio attorney for uncontested divorce, please call us at 1-210-787-4637 or contact us online today.

The Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Although not every couple is able to proceed with an uncontested divorce, it is a desirable legal option from a time and financial standpoint. The many benefits of an uncontested divorce include:

  • Save time. Because the parties agree on all issues, there is nothing for the court to decide. Avoiding litigation drastically decreases the time to get a divorce.
  • Save money. Uncontested divorces tend to cost less than contested divorces.
  • Less stress. Couples whose divorces are uncontested often get through the process in an amicable and efficient manner.

An uncontested divorce is possible even when substantial assets are involved.. Work with an attorney who understands your unique personal and financial concerns to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process. Call 1-210-787-4637 for a consultation today.

Divorce is Tough. You Deserve Loyal and Practical Legal Services.

At Wilson Brown, PLLC, we know what clients are going through during a divorce. With emotions high and much at stake, our clients benefit from our common-sense legal practice that places their needs first. We keep clients informed through frequent communication and seek optimal results in their divorce case.

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