How to Handle Your Online Data in a San Antonio Divorce?

With scandalous email and “sexting” cases making the news, the topic of how to handle emails social media profiles and text messages during a divorce has moved to center stage. If your ex-spouse is caught with illegal images or in the midst of an investigation, their online data and yours can be subject to search and seizure – even if you are separated. […]

Life After A San Antonio Divorce: Try Nesting Plans

Getting divorced when minor children are involved can be an intricate process. Where will they live full-time? With which parent? Where will they stay during the summer and school breaks? These questions and many more are often sorted out throughout the divorce proceedings. Whenever possible, San Antonio family law attorneys recommend keeping the living arrangements for children as similar to how they were before the divorce, if possible. Families across the country are finding creative ways to do this and nesting plans can be a viable alternative for some families. […]

When Your Loved One Dies Without A Will

Handling the death of a loved one can be a very stressful and emotional time. Even more so when your loved one did not have a will or living will established. If your loved one dies before finalizing their will, this is commonly referred to as having died “intestate.” After their death, their assets will be distributed based on State laws and their estate will enter into probate. […]

What to Do if You Can’t Come to an Agreement When Dividing Marital Assets

You’ve made the decision to get a divorce, now what? Dividing marital assets and debt can be a very contiguous time. You may have requests related to alimony or child support payments, and your spouse may have a different perspective. If you find yourself in this situation, here are three ways you can try to work together to resolve the issues and move forward with your divorce agreements. […]

Top Five Questions to Consider Before Filing for a Divorce

When you said your wedding vows the thought of getting a divorce was a very distant, if not, an unlikely thought. Within any relationship, things happen, people grow apart, or other things drive you to consider ending the marriage. Before you start divorce proceedings, take time to reflect on your motives for wanting a divorce and what terms you may need to be addressed to consider staying in the marriage. The family law attorneys at Wilson Brown Law recommend asking yourself these questions to figure out if moving forward with a divorce is the right decision for your family. […]

How to Find a Qualified Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce does not have to be full scale emotional and legal war. Some couples are fortunate enough to be able to talk through their wishes and pursue an uncontested divorce. Whether you are considering an uncontested or contested divorce, finding a reputable and easy-to-work with family law attorney is key. […]

Uncontested Divorce – How to Help Children Adjust

Making the decision to part ways is a difficult decision to make. When kids are involved, the challenge of settling a divorce and coparenting on amicable terms can be a challenge. Uncontested divorces are best for all parties involved to expedite the separation process so you, your spouse, and your children can begin to heal. But, how do you handle parenting post-divorce without building resentment and hatred toward one another. Here are the top three tips you can use to ensure your divorce is handled with as much congeniality as possible, for your children’s sake. […]

The Fight For Open Carry Weapons

As San Antonian’s, we are intensely protective of our rights. The right to speak, worship, and live when and where we want is important to each of us. One rights issue that might set off the simmering tinderbox on which it rests revolves around the 2nd Amendment of our United States Constitution. In the summer of 2015, the Texas State Legislature passed a sweeping new law that significantly broadened our already permissive concealed carry laws. Starting in the first week of January, citizens of Texas who already possess a CCL license will now be able to openly carry their handguns (in hip or shoulder holsters) most anywhere in the state, including parks, civic buildings, and private businesses. In August of 2016, the law will also allow for open carry of weapons on public university campuses, in certain areas.  […]

Equality in Marriage Still Requires These 5 Legal Documents

We are just over three months into same sex marriage being the law of the land. Individuals across the United States are finally able to put the legal seal of approval on their familial relationship. As couples walk down the aisle or celebrate at their city halls, it’s important to point out that receiving your marriage certificate is an important step, but that there are other legal documents you will need to research and decide on adopting for the protection of your spouse, children, and other family members. A Kids Protection Plan We all want to believe we will live a long life. At the very least, we certainly expect to live to an age where our children will have passed through adolescence into adulthood. A Kids Protection Plan (KPP) is a legal document that spells out who will act as guardian for your children should both you and your spouse die unexpectedly. In addition to providing for long-term guardianship, a KPP can also spell out who the immediate guardian will be (close local friends, neighbors, etc.) so that your children never have to be removed from the home and placed in the care of strangers or be held as wards of the state until the permanent guardian can take custody of your children.  […]

A Brewing Storm

For fans of the froth, the recent boom in microbreweries around the state has been very warmly welcomed. San Antonio has had its share of upstart breweries offering perfectly balanced IPA’s and smooth ales as well. Names like Freetail Brewing, The Granary, and Alamo Beer Company, (among others) are proving that San Antonio is just as skilled at producing fine brews as our sister cities to the north and east. This story, however, has to do with law in the state that bars microbreweries from selling their product to end consumers directly from their place of business. Texas’ microbreweries have to sell their product to re-sellers (bars), or work with distributors who place their product in retail locations. The Deep Ellum Brewing Company, based in Dallas’ historic east-of-downtown live music conclave, is taking the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) to court with a federal lawsuit they recently filed. Their tactics, however, are certainly unique.  […]