San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers

When you suffer a personal injury or your family experiences a wrongful death, there is no reason why you should be victimized twice. Do not sign any agreements or paperwork provided to you by an insurance company until you have sought legal advice from an attorney. The trusted professionals at Wilson Brown, PLLC, have fought for Texas citizens for over 30 years to ensure they are compensated fairly.

Call Wilson Brown, PLLC, today for help if:

  • You have recently suffered a personal injury
  • Your family has experienced a wrongful death
  • You have been approached by an insurance company without representation

If you have recently been injured or if your family has experienced a wrongful death, contact the trusted legal team at Wilson Brown, PLLC, today. You can fill out the form on this page, call our San Antonio office at 1-210-787-4637 for a free case evaluation.