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Lawmakers Wants to End the San Antonio No-Fault Divorce

Blogs from March, 2018


As divorce rates rise, San Antonio lawmakers are looking for ways to make getting an uncontested divorce harder. Dubbed the “divorce month,” the number of divorce petitions filed nationwide every January skyrockets. Psychologists believe this is because couples in unhappy marriages want to regain new leases on life in the new year. If one lawmaker has his way, the process to get a San Antonio no-fault divorce will soon become more complicated.

Conservative Republican Representative Matt Krause, who represents Fort Worth, Texas, is on a mission to strengthen families and restore the sanctity of marriage. He believes that by making San Antonio no-fault divorces harder to obtain, it will inevitably force couples to work out their differences and invest time into rebuilding their relationships with their spouses.

Traditionally, a San Antonio no-fault divorce allows couples to separate on good terms. Simply put, the two parties agree that the marriage “just didn’t work, of no fault to either.”

The Rationalization Behind the Proposed Changes to San Antonio No-Fault Divorce Laws

Rep. Krause, a happily married man of 14 years, said that restoring the value of marriage is important for the local community, and for the nation as a whole. He believes that by making divorce “too easy,” we are inadvertently devaluing its importance. He also argues that the emotional damage divorce causes to children can have lasting and detrimental consequences.

In a bill proposed in 2017, Rep. Krause wants the state legislature to eliminate the “insupportability” clause for divorcing couples. What this means is that a couple would have to be legally separated for at least three years before filing for divorce. To initiate divorce proceedings prior to this mandatory  “wait” period, you would have to accuse your spouse of:

  • Adultery;
  • Cruelty;
  • Or partner abandonment

In addition, you would still need to wait at least one year before filing for a divorce.

Because it’s such a touchy subject, the fate of Rep. Krause’s new divorce legislation is still undecided. But as he pushes to get more momentum, divorcing couples in San Antonio should stay up-to-date with the current uncontested divorce requirements.

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