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How to Handle Your Online Data in a San Antonio Divorce?

Blogs from July, 2017


With scandalous email and “sexting” cases making the news, the topic of how to handle emails social media profiles and text messages during a divorce has moved to center stage. If your ex-spouse is caught with illegal images or in the midst of an investigation, their online data and yours can be subject to search and seizure – even if you are separated.

If you’re currently separated or considering a divorce, San Antonio divorce attorney’s recommend taking these three steps immediately.

Create a new email account. This is especially important if you have a shared email account with your spouse. If you want to keep the shared account to receive and send information related to children or overall family schedules, then this is okay. Try to keep personal and work-related emails in a separate account, that your spouse does not have access to.

Stop sharing shared calendars. Again, if the calendar has information that your spouse needs to have access to, then continue sharing. However, move any other-related dates or events to an unshared calendar. San Antonio divorce attorneys caution divorcing parties to be aware that whatever is shared with the other spouse could, one day, make it into the divorce proceedings.

Watch out for tracking apps. You may have installed tracking apps on your phones, as a family, in the event you lose your phone. These apps can be great incognito spies to track where you go, how often and when. This information could be used against you in court proceedings, especially if your spouse is alleging infidelity as cause for the divorce.

Watch what you post on social media. Depending on the circumstances, it may be worthwhile unfriending your spouse and making your social media accounts private. This is especially true if you suspect that your spouse may use what you post against you. Keep in mind that whatever you post can live online, in digital form, for a long time. And, if your spouse’s San Antonio divorce attorneys get a hold of images, text, videos, etc that could make their case more compelling, then your social media activity could be discussed in the courtroom.

Deciding to move forward with a divorce can be an emotional decision to make. If you’d like to discuss your options with a reputable San Antonio family law attorney, give Wilson Brown, PLLC a call today for a free consultation.

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