Resolving family law matters can be costly and time-consuming, but with the help of a family law facilitator, you may be able to get to resolution faster. Family law facilitators are state-licensed attorneys that can assist you with child support, spousal support, and health insurance-related issues. They often can provide legal information and direct you to appropriate agencies for assistance in your family law matter. In addition, a family law facilitator can help you navigate complex paperwork and give you an outline of steps you may need to take to file court documents.

It is important to note that family law facilitators do not give legal advice and are cannot provide formal legal representation for you and your family, nor are they responsible for the outcome of your case. Unlike with family law attorneys, you may hire, your communication with a family law facilitator is not confidential. Likewise, family law facilitators are restricted by jurisdiction and can only assist you with matters that are within the county and/or state in which they are licensed.

What should I bring when meeting with a family law facilitator?

If you have a general family law question, you do not need to bring any particular documents. However, if you would like assistance in calculating child or spousal support then coming prepared with tax documents, paycheck stubs and any other financial-related documents would be important. If you have been assigned a court case, be sure to have that information ready and bring copies of all court documents you may have received.

Family law facilitators can be a great place to start if you have general family law questions. However, for more in-depth questions or for legal representation, then partnering with a trusted family law attorney is necessary. If you’d like further assistance in filing court documents or would like a complimentary family law consultation, contact the experienced attorneys at Wilson Brown Law today at 210-787-4637.