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Making the decision to get a divorce can be hard on a family, but being able to agree cordially on the terms of the divorce can make it easier for everyone to begin to heal. Getting a divorce does not have to be an all out war. If you are one of the lucky couples, agreeing to separate can be an amicable process that can be easily handled between both parties. The family law attorneys at Wilson Brown are experienced in uncontested divorces to help separated couples reach fair divorce agreements without hostility.

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What Is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce can lead to a peaceful resolution between you and your spouse as you decide how to handle key issues involving:

  • How parenting responsibilities will be shared
  • What parenting time schedules will be followed
  • The amount and length of child support and spousal support payments
  • How property will be maintained or proceeds divided
  • How debt incurred during the marriage will be handled

These are only a few of the main topics that will need to be determined during an uncontested divorce, but with an open-minded and friendly approach, the attorneys at Wilson Brown can help you and your spouse work through the divorce details. Uncontested divorces can be a seamless and quick process that often requires only one brief appearance in court to finalize the case. We will partner with you to draft and file the necessary paperwork, and when the required time has passed (according to state law), your divorce will be finalized.

Every divorce is unique and will be handled with the care and patience you deserve. At Wilson Brown, we will take the time to understand your circumstances, recommended possible solutions, and always be available to answer your questions during the divorce proceedings.

What are the advantages of an uncontested divorce?

The word divorce often conjures up images of feuding spouses who are often angry, saddened, or bitter. An uncontested divorce, on the other hand, is a peaceful and collaborative process between spouses. The distinct advantage of an uncontested divorce is the cost since court appearances, and even lawyer fees are significantly lower.

What you gain with an uncontested divorce is the peace of mind knowing you can have your voice heard without a judge deciding the outcome of your assets or how your parental responsibilities will be handled. You and your spouse will be able to cordially communicate regarding all matters, and you will have a hand in determining what arrangements work best for you and your family following the divorce. Reducing the level of conflict during a divorce is the best way for both parties to customize a resolution and to heal and move on.

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When do uncontested divorces work best?

Uncontested divorces are the simplest when there are no minor children involved or few assets that must be divided. However, at Wilson Brown PLLC, we have worked with many couples with minor children and have helped them reach quick resolutions and cooperative agreements without bitter disputes. If you and your spouse can openly discuss and agree on the terms of the divorce such as how child-rearing responsibilities will be handled, how child-related expenses will be paid, and if spousal support is needed, then an uncontested divorce will work well.

Depending on your state, you may be able to complete and file the divorce paperwork without the need to hire a lawyer. Although this is often the most affordable option, requiring minimal costs, it can be the trickiest to navigate on your own. In this situation, you or your spouse may be at a legal disadvantage if the final documents are not reviewed for accuracy before being filed and finalized.

In many cases, working with a reputable family lawyer can help both parties come to a congenial agreement that benefits both parents and their minor children. The uncontested divorce attorneys at Wilson Brown take a friendly and warm approach to working with you and your spouse through the details of your divorce. We are happy to address your concerns, provide legal guidance to protect your best interest, and assist in filing all paperwork to make the divorce process as hassle-free as possible.

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Why should I hire an attorney for an uncontested divorce?

If you have a more complicated situation involving minor children or have significant assets, including real estate property, then it is best to consult with legal counsel through your divorce. Hiring a lawyer does not mean you will have an “all out” divorce battle with your spouse, instead the family law attorneys at Wilson Brown can work with you to ensure that your divorce agreement takes into account your wishes and is in your best interest. In some cases, couples may discuss and agree on parental responsibilities, child support, and spousal payments but one spouse may still hire a lawyer to review the details for thoroughness and prepare the final divorce documents.

If you’re considering divorce and believe you and your spouse can agree on the main issues related to:

  • Parental responsibilities, if you have minor children
  • The amount/duration of spousal or child support payments
  • The division of assets
  • The handling of debt – then give the experienced family law attorneys at Wilson Brown a call today at 210-787-4637.

We are happy to meet with you, discuss your unique situation, and help you through the divorce process. Just complete the contact us form on this page or call to request your free uncontested divorce consultation. At Wilson Brown, PLLC your peace of mind is our top priority!

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