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At Wilson Brown, PLLC, our adoption practice typically involves a stepparent or grandparent adopting a child for which they have already been caring. Our attorneys offer personal and informative guidance through the stepparent and grandparent adoption processes in Texas.

Helping Families Through Stepparent Adoptions

When a child is being raised by a single parent — due to death or absence of the other biological parent — marriage or remarriage of the custodial parent can be a blessing for the entire family. There are many reasons to proceed with a stepparent adoption, especially in situations where the other biological parent is not involved in the child’s life. The adoption solidifies the legal relationship between stepparent and child, extending legal rights to both the parent and child. It can also unify the family as a whole.

As with any other adoption, stepparent adoptions begin with the termination of parental rights of the noncustodial biological parent. If the child being adopted is over the age of 12, consent of the child may be necessary to proceed with the stepparent adoption.

Our San Antonio stepparent adoption lawyers are dedicated to personally caring for the legal needs of you and your family as we guide you through the adoption process.

Texas Grandparent Adoption Lawyers

The “normal” or typical family no longer only consists of both a mother and father, and their biological children. Many children are being raised by stepparents, grandparents, or other family members. In fact, in the case of teen parents, a grandparent may be caring for both the minor child (teen parent) and grandchild. In other situations, the grandparent is caring for the child of a parent who is incapable of providing for the child’s physical, emotional, and financial needs.

Proceeding with the grandparent adoption enables the grandparent to become the legal parent. This means the grandparent has all of the rights and obligations that a child’s biological parent would normally have, including handling important decisions involving the child, such as education and health care decisions.

Texas family courts may require that the child reside with the grandparent for at least six of the previous 24 months in order to proceed with the termination of the biological parent’s rights and, subsequently, the adoption hearing.

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