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Economic cycles affect every corner of the country, including San Antonio. Companies may see decreased business, which makes it difficult for them to meet their financial obligations. At the same time, their own clients may in turn fail to pay their debts, squeezing businesses from both sides. Moreover, individuals and families may struggle with credit card debt and home foreclosures.

Beyond these challenges, it is essential to understand the heavy financial toll these economic cycles may take on lenders and investors, including banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. This affects the availability of credit, which is fundamental to a strong economy. Collection on debts owed to these creditors is elemental to the process of lending and investment.

Wilson Brown, PLLC provides cost-effective collection services for banks and other lenders, including recovery of equipment or property, and lien enforcement. We vigorously represent clients in business law and commercial litigation, and we are well-prepared to help you.

Both regional banks and credit unions need efficient, effective commercial debt collection services. We provide investor and financial institution representation in all aspects of collection activities.

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Financial Institution Representation

The attorneys of Wilson Brown, PLLC have the capabilities to handle large-volume active files and do so with a very detailed focus. We follow standard debt collection practices and know the strict rules and deadlines for each account we handle.

We have had particular success obtaining back pay on and enforcing property tax loans, many before the homes go into foreclosure. In some circumstances, we are able to collect after sending only an initial letter. In other cases, we negotiate with debtors in default on mortgages, business lines of credit and other debts and develop repayment plans acceptable to both the debtor and creditor.

When debt settlement is unsuccessful, we obtain court judgments and aggressively enforce them.

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We take pride in offering quality financial institution representation. Our attorneys are always accessible to respond to your inquiries while vigorously seeking payment for you.

To schedule a no-hassle, free case evaluation, contact us online or call our San Antonio office 1-210-787-4637.