San Antonio Child Support Lawyer


At first glance, it may seem that a San Antonio child support lawyer has an easy task. Child support generally follows a simple set of rules in terms of who’s awarded child support and the dollar amount of the support payments. However, child support is a serious consideration for Texas parents. While the custodial parent can’t cut off visitation if child support isn’t paid on time, failing to pay does carry potentially serious consequences, so it’s important for parents to understand and comply with Texas child support laws and guidelines.

Who Pays Child Support?

Typically, the parent with whom the child lives the majority of the time is the one who receives child support. This means that the parent who doesn’t have physical custody, or who has physical custody less often, is generally responsible for paying child support.

Child support amounts are decided based on the Texas Child Support Guidelines, but applying those guidelines isn’t always a straightforward process. A good San Antonio child support lawyer, like our team at Wilson Brown, PLLC, helps you understand the child support guidelines to ensure you’re complying with the legal requirements.

Can a Parent Cut Off Visitation if Support Isn’t Paid?

A common question about child support is whether the parent who has physical custody of the child can cut off visitation if child support payments are missed. The answer isn’t always straightforward. Technically, child support and visitation do not go hand-in-hand. Neither the parent nor a court can refuse visitation solely due to non-payment of child support.

However, under Texas law, non-payment of support carries a criminal penalty, and can have serious consequences. It’s in a parent’s best interests to revisit child support payments if financial circumstances change and it becomes difficult or impossible to make the required payments. Simply not paying has a range of adverse consequences, so it’s important to understand obligations and comply with the legal requirements of child support in Texas.

Work with a San Antonio Child Support Lawyer to Protect Your Child’s Best Interests

Child support can become a point of contention in a divorce case, a child custody case, or even long after child support arrangements are settled. Work with an experienced San Antonio child support lawyer to protect your child’s interests, and ensure that you’re complying with Texas law regarding child support.

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