Getting divorced when minor children are involved can be an intricate process. Where will they live full-time? With which parent? Where will they stay during the summer and school breaks? These questions and many more are often sorted out throughout the divorce proceedings. Whenever possible, San Antonio family law attorneys recommend keeping the living arrangements for children as similar to how they were before the divorce, if possible. Families across the country are finding creative ways to do this and nesting plans can be a viable alternative for some families.

What is a nesting plan?

Nesting plans are a type of co-parenting option where the children stay in the home and parents switch living in the home with the children. The divorced parents may jointly rent an apartment or one-bedroom space that they can live in when they are not “scheduled” to live in the home with the children. For example, Marie may stay at the family home with the children for the first two weeks of every month, while her ex-husband, Dan lives in the apartment. And, for the last two weeks of the month, Marie will live in the apartment and Dan will live in the home with the children.

Does it really work?

Nesting is not for everyone. But, if both parents want to continue to play an active role in their child’s life, then providing physical stability for their children can be achieved with this arrangement. It is important to establish a consistent nesting schedule and be clear with your ex-spouse as to how parental responsibilities should be handled. Determining how the costs of the second residence will be handled is important to discuss as well.

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