Going through a divorce does not have to be full scale emotional and legal war. Some couples are fortunate enough to be able to talk through their wishes and pursue an uncontested divorce. Whether you are considering an uncontested or contested divorce, finding a reputable and easy-to-work with family law attorney is key.

Here are a few helpful guidelines you can use to help you find the right legal counsel for your situation.

Ask for referrals

You likely know a friend, coworker, family member, or neighbor who has gone through a divorce. Ask others what family law attorney they used or if they know of any they could recommend. Getting a word of mouth referrals is a great start to finding a trusted family law attorney. The key here is to ask those recommending the lawyer how it was to work with them, their strengths and weaknesses, rates charged, and overall experience with the lawyer. This can give you a good in-depth view into how you may work with the family law attorney. If you are looking for a very personable lawyer that is easily reached by phone for questions and concerns, then ask around to find the right fit for your situation and preferences.

Think about your needs

Finding the “right” attorney starts with determining your goals, needs and preferences. If you want an uncontested divorce, then seeking a family law practice that has extensive experience in this realm is important. If there are issues that you envision being areas of contention, then seeking out family law attorneys that are well versed in handling this concerns may be best.

Either way you will need to do a bit of soul searching and goal setting to be sure you hire a family law attorney that can meet your needs and expectations.

Figure out a budget

When you hire a family law attorney, you have to be comfortable with their fees and retainer requirements. If you have limited funds for legal counsel, consider finding free alternatives through your state government. Do not be shy to ask for a lawyer’s fees to ensure that you feel comfortable paying their per hour or per case rate and that you can pay their fees without putting additional financial strain on your household.

These are just a few areas to consider when finding a divorce attorney. Be sure to ask questions along the way so that you stay informed. If you’re looking for a qualified and personable family law attorney to help you every step of the way through an uncontested divorce, then the family law attorneys at Wilson Brown Law are happy to help. Give us a call to schedule a free uncontested divorce consultation today at 210-787-4637.