When you hear or say the word “divorce” many negative connotations come to mind. However, an uncontested divorce can be peaceful and handled on friendly, if not cordial, terms. An uncontested divorce is a collaborative process between spouses, providing the immediate advantage of less time-consuming court appearances and lower attorney fees. With an uncontested divorce, you get the peace of mind knowing that you can openly voice your concerns and ideas and have them be heard and incorporated into the divorce agreement.

Ultimately reducing the level of conflict during a divorce is the best way for you and your spouse to heal and move on.

When do uncontested divorces work best?

In general, an uncontested divorce is recommended when there are no minor children involved or few assets acquired during the marriage that must be divided. The key to an uncontested divorce is the ability of both spouses to amicably communicate and interact with one another. This can also be achieved with couples that do have complex financial situations and minor children. The preferred Boerne, Texas family attorneys at Wilson Brown PLLC, specialize in working with couples with to reach a quick and friendly resolution to their divorce, without bitter conflict or hostility. If you believe that you and your spouse can openly discuss and agree on the terms of the divorce, then an uncontested divorce may be a viable option.

What should I consider during an uncontested divorce?

No matter what state you live in, there are four key issues to be discussed and resolved during an uncontested divorce.

  • How parenting responsibilities will be shared
  • What parenting time schedules will be followed
  • The amount and length of child support and alimony payments
  • How property will be maintained or proceeds divided
  • How debt incurred during the marriage will be handled

It is good practice to meet with a reputable uncontested divorce attorney to begin to brainstorm possible separation agreement terms.

Do I need to hire a licensed Boerne, Texas family law attorney?

In Boerne, Texas, you may be able to complete and file the divorce paperwork without having to hire a family law attorney. Even though this route may be the most affordable option, it can be the hardest to navigate on your own and may require long hours of research to ensure paperwork is completed and submitted correctly.

However, working with a reputable family lawyer can help both parties come to a fair agreement that benefits both the parents and their minor children. At Wilson Brown, PLLC we have decades of experience working with uncontested divorce proceedings and take a friendly and warm approach. We will partner with you and your spouse to determine the best terms that meet the needs of your family and your family’s unique situation.

If you have any questions about how to begin an uncontested divorce or would like to have legal counsel review your completed pre-filed divorce paperwork, then give the family law attorneys at Wilson Brown, PLLC a call today at 1-210-787-4637.