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Contested and Uncontested Adoptions in San Antonio

The process of adoption in Texas can be complicated. Since each adoption is unique, families require legal services tailored to meet their specific needs. The lawyers of Wilson Brown, PLLC help families in the San Antonio area with both contested and uncontested adoptions. It is our goal to help you meet your goals – whether that means giving up your parental rights, or objecting to an adoption to maintain them.

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Contested Adoption

  • Does the spouse of your ex-partner wish to adopt your child?
  • Do you object to this adoption, wishing to preserve your parental rights?
  • Do you want to prevent the stepparent adoption of your grandchild, niece, nephew, or other relative?

One biological parent has to give up parental rights in order for an adoption to go through. A contested adoption occurs when a biological parent objects to a stepparent adoption. At Wilson Brown, PLLC, we help individuals who wish to preserve their parental rights.

Uncontested Adoption

  • Do you consent to the adoption of your child by a stepparent?
  • Are you a biological parent who is willing to give up your parental rights through adoption?

In an uncontested adoption, both parties are in agreement on the conditions of the adoption. Our attorneys assist clients in going through the adoption process as efficiently as possible, while keeping the best interests of the adoptive child in mind.


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