Civil Law Attorneys in San Antonio


Civil transactions can sometimes lead to both civil and sometimes not-so-civil disputes. When these disputes cannot be resolved through other means such as mediation or arbitration, civil litigation is where the ultimate solutions will come from.

At the law firm of Wilson Brown, PLLC, we represent families, individuals, businesses, and others in the San Antonio and surrounding areas and throughout southern and central Texas and work to provide them with the most effective, practical, and cost-effective solutions possible. Our civil practice includes handling disputes and litigation related to matters such as:

Our firm also has extensive experience in handling consumer protection cases and claims such as deceptive trade practices, unfair insurance practices, products liability, and residential construction liability.

We are experienced Texas trial lawyers and are always ready to take our clients’ cases into the courtroom. However, we would be seriously remiss if the more timely and economical options of mediation and arbitration were not thoroughly considered and explored first. Often during the course of resolving disputes, new events take place or new facts come to light that change the case dramatically. In these cases, a change in approach may be required as well. But whatever the right approach in your case turns out to be, we’ll be with you throughout the process, working to ensure the best possible outcome every step of the way.

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