Whenever a parent is ordered to pay child support, they typically do so accordingly. In that event, there is no need for court intervention. However, when child support payments are made and a mix-up occurs, there may be legal consequences that a parent just can’t foresee. For one Texas dad, being all paid up and following a court’s order to pay a certain amount seems to have led to jail time.

The Texas dad paid his child support as ordered. However, it is alleged that his employer was not passing along the correct amount from his pay each week. It is claimed that the employer withheld varying amounts, and this led to the man technically falling behind in payments. The father also says he was unaware of a modification made to the child support amount.

This mix-up all led to the father being behind in support in the amount of roughly $3,000. When made aware of this, he paid the back due amount. He was then told to pay legal fees for the mother of the child, even though the entire legal process resulted from a mix-up that was arguably not his doing. He was also told he violated the visitation agreement. The court ordered him to jail for 180 days, despite the fact that he says he never knowingly fell behind in payments.

This kind of mistake with child support payments is rare in Texas and elsewhere. However, it exemplifies the fact that parents may all benefit from keeping careful track of payments and from communicating as soon as there may be a problem. Any parent who has trouble paying or collecting support may benefit from knowing about modification options and other laws pertaining to payments.

Source: opposingviews.com, Houston Man Pays All Outstanding Child Support, Still Sent To Jail, Jonathan Wolfe, Jan. 6, 2014